Traffic Exchange Scripts, Marketing and Promotion Scripts are essential tools for website promotion

A traffic exchange script enables you to offer website promotion to your website visitors. Traffic exchanges attract a huge number of visitors and willing members because they offer free promotion. They offer exciting opportunities for you to make money online through membership promotions. Built in affiliate handling helps the promotion of your own traffic exchange too. Most traffic exchanges offer little else but Ventrino traffic exchanges offer many more features than an ordinary traffic exchange.

A ventrino Traffic Exchange offers a lot more. Comprehensive newsletter sending facilities that work and built in support management to help you communicate with your members. Two features not found in other scripts and essential for you to turn your website into an Internet cash machine!

A built-in banner exchange offers your members more promotion tools

Why stop at just a traffic exchange? Internet marketing professionals already know the value of exchanging banner impressions with other websites and most offer banner ads as part of their affiliate program. Brand recognition has driven the demand for banner exchanges and the Professional Traffic Exchange script includes a full professional banner exchange.

A built-in text exchange with easy ad creation tools

The first text exchange offered in a traffic exchange provided an explosion of traffic for ventrino script owners, since then it has become the essential tool for any traffic exchange script owner to improve the popularity and demand for their website.

Uncompromised Personalisation and customisation

traffic exchange crowd 

pulling featuresOrdinary traffic exchange scripts offer limited ability to personalise and grow your service. In short they are traffic exchange scripts and that is all. Some may offer a banner exchange and a few others have built text ads in (although these do not offer the ability to exchange text adverts between member sites). The Ventrino Professional traffic exchange has an almost unlimited number of features that can be used in so many combinations it is impossible for any two owners to create identical exchanges.

But there's more to a traffic exchange than crowd pulling features alone. The ability to apply any design you like in any way you like has made it popular with the industries best graphic designers. The simple yet powerful template system makes it simple for novice and professional alike enabling you to focus on your message rather than the technical interruptions in ordinary scripts.

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Flexibility means your business is not just a traffic exchange

Many traffic exchange owners do not limit their activity to just a useful set of tools for their members. Often they wish to provide new services and rewards to their members not thought of by other traffic exchange owners. With an ordinary exchange it becomes expensive but a ventrino traffic exchange allows you to add new features and services with ease.

Third party developers know how to integrate their software so they can offer applications that take advantage of the built-in features such as taking payments. Adding new tools becomes a snap and is looked upon with envy by so many non ventrino traffic exchange script owners that we have migration scripts for nearly all versions of all competitive scripts (and if we don't we create them free of charge).

What is a traffic exchange?

A traffic exchange is a term used to describe a membership website that Internet users join to promote their website. Their are variations but the basic concept is credits are earned for viewing other member websites. Members can also buy credits rather than view to earn. A traffic exchange owner with enough inventory can also trade traffic through co-operative and joint venture agreements with other traffic exchange owners.

Is there more to a traffic exchange?

Ordinary traffic exchange scripts offer little more. They miss the fantastic opportunities the traffic exchange business has to offer. The ventrino traffic exchange is a full membership website handling the intricacies of newsletter promotion, member payments, member support and inter member communication.

This is so important for any online business that it is remarkable that no other traffic exchange script goes to such depth or detail in their development as a traffic exchange is an ideal launch platform for any online business.

The alternatives are to switch to a ventrino traffic exchange script or pay for additional programming work to get the problems fixed.

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Would I make a good traffic exchange owner?

People start traffic exchanges for a variety of reasons. They may need to make serious money fast, they may wish to run an exchange for fun, or offer club members an interesting new service. So whether you would make a good traffic exchange owner depends on your goal.

Whatever your goal is with your traffic exchange it is easy to become passionate (check our forums for passionate owners sharing ideas).

If your success depends on profit, if it depends on providing a useful and in-demand service, if you wish to sell electronic goods and need a system to handle members and sales, then yes, you can become a successful traffic exchange owner, and there are many successful ventrino traffic exchange owners to prove it.

What kind of traffic exchange do I need?

Not necessarily the most expensive. There are alternatives to ventrino but these can get costly, especially if you have to switch at a later date. A traffic exchange that allows you to grow, to add and modify the services you offer as the need arises. One that allows you to build your own service without the need to hire a programmer or to purchase third party plug-ins is important to help you keep up with the latest trends.

On some industry forums you will tell you that you "need to spend at least $3,000", this high cost, they explain, will be required for graphic design and essential modifications, non of which, is required for a ventrino traffic exchange as you have both the features and easy template system built-in.

Of course graphics can be expensive but because of the ease of integration designers do not need to charge such high prices. What costs $3,000 for other scripts costs less than $500 for a ventrino script. Several popular designers offer full design and integration for under $300.

Which is the right traffic exchange for me?

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